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OnlyFans Chatter

What will my tasks be?

You are responsible for providing high quality support in the OnlyFans messages, selling content and building rapport with the fans. This is done through our chatting software.

Answering the fans messages: Answering all fan messages is important on the one hand to symbolize to the model that we care about the account and at the same time it is important to satisfy the fans.

Building rapport: Personal connection is one of the most important things, as fans want to talk with the models and thus spend more money and are loyal fans for a long time. With empathy and some effort it is a longer process but definitely great value.

Selling PPV Content: The sales of the PPV should be 5-10 times higher than the subscription price. Chatter has to proceed strategically through our upsell strategy and exchange with the fan personally at the beginning.


- Fluent in English language and sexting ability 
- Build and maintain relationships
- Quick worker that can multi-task well
- You need to be over
18 years old

Do you have what it takes?



Thank You! We will be in touch soon!

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