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lead generation specialist

What will my tasks be?

A Lead Generation Specialist identifies and qualifies potential customers through proactive outreach, assessing their interest and fit with the Aspire Agency offerings.

A Lead Generation Specialist will nurture leads, maintain accurate records, and analyse performance to optimize strategies and contribute to revenue growth and expansion of the current clientele.

Perfect candidate's skills for this role:

Communication Skills: Effective verbal and written communication to engage, interact with potential leads.

Persistence: Ability to persevere through rejections and setbacks in the lead generation process.

Research Skills: Strong ability to research and identify potential leads through various channels.

Adaptability: Willingness to adapt strategies based on feedback and changing market conditions.

Organizational Skills: Capability to manage and maintain accurate records in a CRM system.

Collaboration: Capacity to work closely with the sales team and communicate effectively.

Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze data and performance metrics to optimize lead generation strategies.

Time Management: Efficiently manage time to prioritize tasks and maximize productivity.

Customer Focus: Understanding, addressing the needs and concerns of potential customers.

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