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Model Marketer

What will my tasks be?

You are responsible for providing our Aspire Chatters with enough traffic (fans) in order to maximise the models earnings.

Instagram management: You are responsible for managing the models Instagram account with the goal to grow their accounts as well as to win fans for her OnlyFans.

Reddit management: This is where you will put in the most work. You are responsible for growing the models reddit page, finding relevant subreddits to post in, with the goal to win more Fans.

TikTok Management: TikTok is by far the easiest platform to gain fans from. Therefore you will do A/B Split Test and a bunch more things on there.

Funnel Optimization: In order for the model to have a better Conversion Rate. Your job is to optimise the funnel.

Perfect candidate's skills for this role:

Good English skills: Having good English skills is mandatory for delivering high quality in the chats.
Reddit experience: You should have experience as Reddit marketer as you will be handling the models profiles.

Instagram Knowledge: You have a deep understanding of how the Instagram market and related areas work.

Do what you say: You are someone who puts your money where your mouth is. Instead of excuses, you find solutions and new ways of doing things.

Results-oriented: You care about getting results for our clients and are willing to go the extra mile to do so.

Ownership: You love to work independently, but also enjoy being part of a structure and participating in team meetings.

Hungry for growth: You love to develop yourself personally and professionally through books, courses & co.

Present & No Ego: You can stay calm in stressful conversations, be present and leave your personal ego out of it.

Above all, you are a high performer who is coachable and willing to give 110% at all times. You understand that you have to work hard to become the best and that openness to input is the fastest way to the top.

Do you have what it takes?



Thank You! We will be in touch soon!

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